岩本 拓也

岩本 拓也

Takuya Iwamoto

Takuya Iwamoto is a  Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher at CyberAgent AI Lab and visiting researcher at Ishiguro Lab, Osaka University (since 2019 Feb). His primary interest is in developing system that supports face to face communication. In his career, Iwamoto has researched Dating service for supporting users, A novel business model and Optimization of matching algorithm.

◆ Main keywords

Trustworthy agent,  Augmentation of face to face communication,  Augmented EnvironmentRational expression of affection

◆Education & Work Experience

  • - 2015-Current Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology- PhD in  Knowledge Science
  • - 2011-2013 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology-Master in Knowledge  Science
Work Experience
  • - 2017-Current  Cyberagent,inc AI Lab, Research Scientist
  • - 2015-2017   mixi,inc , Research Scientist
  • - 2014-2015   Rakuten,inc, Assistant Researcher
  • - 2013-2014   Richmedia,inc, Project Director


  • - CHI2018 Asian CHI Best Demo/Poster Award
  • - Yahoo! Hackday “Short List”
  • - The Fashion Hack Tokyo “TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AWARD”
  • - Human Comuting Interaction 150 “Students Award"
  • - NHK Digital Studium ”Best Prize”
  • - 17th Internatonal Virtual Reality Competition “Best Prize”
  • - 16th Internatonal Virtual Reality Competition “Kagamigahara mayor awards”
  • - Rakuten Technology Conference,Lightning talk “2nd prize”
  • - LavalVirtual2009 “3rd Prize”
  • - LavalVirtual2010 Awards “Medicine and Health”
  • - Entertaiment Computing2008 ”KansaiTV awards”
  • - JASSO Students of the Year 2011



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