Cluster of Kubernetes Clusters ~connecting palm-sized personal Kubernetes clusters with 100 Raspberry Pi~


I’m @amsy810, and I work at CyberAgent, Inc.


The era of palm-sized personal Kubernetes clusters is here!

Everyone over the age of a middle school student has a personal Kubernetes cluster, right?

We held our 3 Day Cooking -Raspberry Pi with Kubernetes- event again.

This time, we created a palm-sized personal Kubernetes cluster with a hundred Raspberry Pi.



Like last time, we purchased a hundred Raspberry Pi and other various components in advance.


Checking all of them was hard work.




This time, we created 30 physical personal kubernetes clusters with 100 RaspberryPi.



After that, starting with etcd configuration, and further setting up kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler, kubelet, kube-proxy, flannel, the interns were able to understand Kubernetes architecture on a deep level in these 3 days.



On the final day, we aggregated the personal Kubernetes clusters.


Captain Kube’s chivalry is something to behold.

And he is so cute!

He was a real lifesaver to Phippy!

The cluster looks like this from the top

And like this from the side.

This time, we gathered interested interns and learned about Kubernetes.
We are excited to work with them in the future!